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"There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order."

About Our Logo

Our logo has 4 sections of a snake, labeled for each of the major political parties here in the United States: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent. We based our logo on an old cartoon by Benjamin Franklin.

“Join, or Die is a famous political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. The original publication by the Gazette is the earliest known pictorial representation of colonial union produced by a British colonist in America. It is a woodcut showing a snake severed into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initial of a British American colony or region. However, New England was represented as one colony, rather than the four colonies it was at that time. In addition, Delaware and Georgia were omitted completely. Thus, it has 8 segments of snake rather than the traditional 13. The cartoon appeared along with Franklin's editorial about the ‘disunited state’ of the colonies, and helped make his point about the importance of colonial unity. During that era, there was a superstition that a snake which had been cut into pieces would come back to life if the pieces were put together before sunset.” ref: Wikipedia

It is our belief here at FiveBoxes that times are not much different here than they were back in 1754. We are divided as a country -- party against party, left versus right -- and We the People need to join together before the Government becomes the death of our liberties. It is our belief that We the People must join together once again, and realize that once again we face a common tyrannical enemy: the United States federal government. Our founders gave the power to We the People. It is time to re-acquaint those in Washington D.C. with that principle, and remind them that they work for us, and not the other way around.

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."— Thomas Jefferson

A Letter from the Editor

Liberty. It is the cornerstone of our nation, the reason so many fought and died to create and preserve this great land. But today we find our liberties in peril.

Lawmakers are sacrificing our liberties for special-interest group dollars. Judges are sacrificing our liberties in the name of political party affiliations. The media is brainwashing us and our children to sacrifice liberty in the name of "political correctness."

The spirits of the founders of this land — who gave of their fortunes, their families, and their lives in the name of liberty — are crying out in the night. Can you hear them? "Awake! Awake from your slumber! The liberty we yearned for, that we fought and bled and died for... you are letting it slip away by drib and drab! Why have you let this happen?"

It is time that We The People take back the liberties that were given to us by our Creator and ensured to us by the blood of the brave souls who founded this great nation, the liberties that have been squandered by elected officials in the name of political power.

It is time that we, as Americans, take a stand. It is time that we wrest our liberties back from the tyrannical hands of the politicians who have betrayed our faith and our trust. It is time that the silent sit mute no more, for "all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

We have a responsibility to ourselves, to our families, to our children, and to our nation to act. And to protect the Blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our posterity, we must act now.

— The Editor, 29 November, 2007